Products and services

With more than 30 years of success­ful product develop­ment behind it, KEUSCH has gained an established standing in the market­place as a system house specializing in new technical products and inno­vations. From the initial idea to the proto­type, KEUSCH is all about develop­ment – across different fields of technology and sectors of industry, with resulting synergies frequently playing an instrumental role in the success of new projects.

Intuitive concentration on creative experienced-based advance develop­ment is our company’s core strength. Its basis is the consistent application of the KEUSCH method, which takes a pro­nounced methodo­logical approach comprising three distinct and sequential processes following on one from the other:

  • Methodical concept finding to define a funda­mental solution for the new product
  • Feasibility study to review function and costs
  • Functional prototype construction, testing and optimi­zation to provide physical functional proof of a viable finished product.