An inquisitive mind is the ultimate tool of discovery.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)
Italian physicist and astronomer


KEUSCH sees its role as an outside process accelerator in the development of new products, whose core competence lies in the field of advance development.

Driven by innovation and ingenuity, building on broad-based technical expertise drawn from across a range of industries and technical fields, the ethos of methodical creativity practised day to day by the KEUSCH team inspires new ideas which culminate in new products.

KEUSCH does not think in terms of products but of functions, using cross-sector synergies drawn from solutions in other areas … to which it applies what it terms the KEUSCH methodology.

Its integral approach has made KEUSCH a highly valued “system house for new products”. We know we have succeeded when the functionality of a conceived product or system is verified by a functional prototype.