Functional prototype

  • Disposition of all parts / components
  • Manufacture items
  • Procurement of purchased components
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Measurement
  • Optimization


Functional prototype

In the third stage of the pro­duct advance develop­ment pro­cess, our team of engineers, elec­tronics specia­lists and test mechanics with its many years of experience in the con­struction of proto­types from mechanical, pneu­matic, elec­trical and elec­tronic compo­nents creates a func­tional proto­type. Following a rigo­rous testing and optimi­zation pro­cess, the proto­type largely complies with the final product result in terms of its function and design – made possible through the use of state-of-the-art pro­duction techno­logies such as rapid proto­typing for the manu­facture of indivi­dual compo­nents in accor­dance with 3D CAD models and drawings.

The pro­cess of con­structing the func­tional proto­type frequently reveals that theory does not necessarily equate with practice. This gives rise to a repetitive process of optimi­zation loops through which the pro­duct pro­gresses until it matches the require­ments set out in the pro­duct brief.

Qualifi­cation of a new develo­pment as the basis for the func­tional relia­bility of the final series-manu­factured pro­duct is achieved by rigo­rous test runs in combi­nation with pre­scribed measure­ments in our own in-house test lab, acoustic chamber and endu­rance testing facilities.