Methodical concept
and solution finding

  • Functional analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Morphological box
  • Decision analysis
  • 3D function concept


Concept finding

Advance develop­ment starts with a process of “methodical concept and solution finding”. The result of this process will deter­mine the design of the new and inno­vative product. Here, the pre-defined systematic approach of the KEUSCH METHOD requires the crea­tive and experienced team of engineers to not only define the functions which will be provided by the new product, but also to come up with suitable ideas for a solution. Only the best of these are entered into a “morpho­logical box”. The synthesis of rele­vant and preferred solution ideas for each function results in a series of solution variants for the requested product. The favoured solution is defined by a classical decision analysis process using selection criteria, weighting and assess­ment. This process culminates in a 3D function concept visua­lizing the favoured combi­nation of solutions.

Any success­ful and inno­vative new develop­ment is only possible using a team of engineers from across a range of disciplines. This constellation opens up scope for using the latest findings from metallurgy, the latest machining methods, inno­vations in the fields of mechanics, electronics and micro­techno­logy to provide the market with inno­vative, improved and naturally lower-cost products with an out­standing degree of innovation.